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Professional networks and services

UC Santa Cruz is dedicated to supporting the professional success of all of our alumni. We support a variety of professional networks and services. Browse below for webinars, online communities, courses, career fairs, and more! If there is a resource you’d like to see that isn’t listed, please contact us at

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UC Santa Cruz Career Success

We recognize that the need for career support doesn’t end after graduation. The UC Santa Cruz Career Success office provides our alumni with continued access to our online tools at no cost.

This includes access to a variety of online resources, job listings on Handshake, free participation in workshops and job fairs, and the opportunity to schedule one-on-one coaching appointments for up to two years after graduation. These coaching sessions cover a range of topics, such as job search strategies, resume reviews, advice for graduate school applications, interview preparation, and career decision-making. Career Success offers a wealth of valuable online resources and guides to help you achieve your career goals.

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Post a job for students and fellow alumni

Calling all Banana Slug recruiters, hiring managers, and business owners! One of the best ways you can support your alumni network is by hiring students and other alumni. Here’s how:

  • Create an employer account in Handshake, the UCSC job and internship platform for students and young alumni.
  • Use the #SlugsHireSlugs hashtag when posting jobs on social media.

Life Beyond the Redwoods

The Life Beyond the Redwoods report offers a comprehensive overview of outcomes from the Class of 2022one year later. The report features high-level data, profiles of accomplished 2022 alumni, insights from campus leadership, and more. It serves as a testament to the dedication and accomplishments of our recent graduates, showcasing their impact on our university community and beyond. 

iGrad: Financial Wellness

iGrad is a finance companion designed to empower UC Santa Cruz students, alumni, faculty, and staff on their financial journey. Whether you’re aiming to budget smarter, explore scholarships, or plan for retirement, iGrad is your go-to platform for building financial wellness. Begin with a quick financial checkup to receive tailored recommendations, then delve into trending content to stay informed on the latest financial insights. Learn at your own pace with extensive resources, covering popular topics like budgeting, job searching, and networking. iGrad prioritizes your privacy with no data mining or advertising—just pure financial education.

COOP Careers

COOP Careers Fall 2024 digital training program offers upskilling in three career tracks: Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, or Financial Services. Eligible for alumni within 10 years of graduating, our workshops and holistic support model prepare you to break into the tech industry and launch a successful career. COOP’s alumni-led approach aids low-income, first-generation college graduates in securing jobs paying $50,000 or more. The program is 100% free, providing certifications, mental health resources, and mindfulness training. Participants benefit from professional network connections, virtual and hybrid opportunities, ongoing employment support, and corporate learning

UC Alumni Career Network

The UC Alumni Career Network is a high-impact, online series designed to provide UC alumni and community members with the insights, information, and connections to launch, grow and expand your career opportunities.


UC Santa Cruz has over 120,000 Banana Slugs on LinkedIn, with over 12,000 members in the official alumni group.  This is a great resource to explore what other Banana Slugs are doing and build your professional network. 

UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Campus

UCSC Silicon Valley Extension courses

UCSC Silicon Valley Extension offers a gateway to cutting-edge courses taught by industry experts actively working in the field.  Whether you’re looking to upgrade your skills, venture into new territories, in pursuit of accreditation or exam preparation, or simply a lifelong learner eager to study alongside industry leaders in the heart of Silicon Valley, you’re invited to expand your horizons, stay ahead of industry trends, and grow your professional network. Alumni receive a $50 discount on courses of $500 or more.

UCSC Silicon Valley Extension Promo
Last modified: Jun 24, 2024