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Identity Networks

Our diverse alumni community

UC Santa Cruz has a vibrant community of alumni, and our commitment to diversity and inclusivity extends beyond graduation. Explore and engage with our Identity Networks, dedicated spaces that celebrate our alumni network’s rich tapestry of identities. As a place to connect with fellow graduates who share your cultural background, experiences, or interests, these networks provide a supportive platform for fostering meaningful connections. Embrace the opportunity to collaborate, mentor, and celebrate the unique perspectives that make our alumni network a dynamic and inclusive community. 

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Latinx Alumni Network

The UC Santa Cruz Latinx Alumni Network (LAN) is a service, public interest, educational, and cultural organization that serves to enhance the academic progress and professional development of UC Santa Cruz students, faculty, administrators, and alumni interested in Latinx issues and providing services to Latinx communities.

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Black Escargot

Black Escargot is an organization geared towards supporting current students by creating networking opportunities for current students and alumni, and strengthening ties with UC Santa Cruz.

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Black Alumni Movement

This group is for all UC Santa Cruz graduates of African descent, current UC Santa Cruz students of African descent, all UCSC staff, faculty, administrators and interested parties who actively support the recruitment, healthy matriculation, graduation, and continued enrichment of the groups just mentioned.

This is not an open forum for all things pertaining to the Black experience in America, but specifically a unique space for exchange between those who have been meaningfully touched by the UC Santa Cruz experience.

Last modified: Jan 19, 2024