Dense trees backlit by the sun on the UCSC campus.


Welcome to the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug alumni network

We are thrilled to have you as an integral part of our network of over 150,000-strong. The Alumni Engagement team and all of our alumni volunteers across the globe are passionate about supporting you as you network with other alumni and engage with the UC Santa Cruz community. Check out all of the benefits you receive as alumni, stay connected, and reach out if you have any comments/questions/high-fives. Remember: this network is made for you.

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All alumni are involved, inspired, and invested in UC Santa Cruz.

Return to the Redwoods 2023


We cultivate lifelong connections, celebrate shared experiences, and inspire impactful contributions to encourage a thriving UCSC alumni community.

Return to the Redwoods 2023


  • Authentic connections that build trust and community 
  • Collaboration that discovers better ways to achieve success
  • Inclusivity and belonging are embraced and respected 
  • Intentional in our actions
  • Uniquely Banana Slug, a community unlike any other
Last modified: Jan 26, 2024