Student Success Initiative


Presenting the Student Success Initiative, a wide-ranging effort that will increase financial support for our undergraduate and graduate students, and advance their access to the guidance and experiences fundamental to their education and ultimately future success. Together we can create transformative change.

30 Years of Alumni supporting students

Alumni Association Scholarship Banner

The Alumni Association Scholarship's 30th anniversary campaign was a big success. Thank you! 

See how much we exceed our goals by visiting the campaign's crowdfunding page. A big thank you to over 500 alumni and friends who gave.

If you missed the opportunity to give during this campaign, click here to Give a Gift.

Outstanding Staff Award

Established by the UC Santa Cruz Alumni Association in 1995, the Outstanding Staff Award is presented to a staff member each year to recognize their contributions to the UCSC community and students. In collaboration with the UCSC Staff Advisory Board, the Alumni Association honors the very best among our dedicated UCSC staff.  Nominations have closed. 

More information on the award and nomination process can be found here.

Alumni Events

We are always excited to host Banana Slug alumni events locally, regionally, and virtually! Whether you want to find resources, network with other alumni, or just have fun—your UC Santa Cruz Alumni community has something for you. Click here for a full calendar of our upcoming events. 

Stay  Connected

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Stay Connected is an important part of being 100% Banana Slug! Join the biggest Banana Slug community online.

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