Alumni Weekend

Alumni Weekend: April 27-29, 2018

Come enjoy the biggest lineup of events we've ever had at Alumni Weekend, including special anniversaries, family-friendly events, and many unique activities. Register now!

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Recent  Grads


Young alumni & recent graduates make up more than half of our entire UC Santa Cruz alumni population (a total of over 100,000 alumni). The Banana Slug Network does not end after graduation, it is a life long community. Click here to learn about this exciting combination of resources, events, and relevant opportunities that support and engage young alumni - Your alma mater is here for you! 

Alumni Achievement

Axel Alonso of Marvel Comics

Axel Alonso: Diversity's superhero. Alonso, Editor-in-chief at Marvel Comics wants readers of all races, nationalities, and religions to see themselves in the pages of comic books. Read more »

UC Santa Cruz Magazine

spring-2018-magazine-coverStay connected with recent news, events, and special reports from fellow slugs! From featuring diverse expressions and perspectives to shining a light on important issues, you won't want to miss an issue of UC Santa Cruz Magazine. Check out our online version and tell us what you think. 

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