Alumni Reunion Weekend Volunteer Opportunities

Celebrating 50+ Reunions
Friday, April 14 - Saturday, April 15, 2023

Alumni Volunteers are essential to creating an enjoyable and successful weekend filled with meaningful moments, personalized outreach and exciting events. Volunteers help create a buzz amongst their classmates. We have many volunteer opportunities to choose from! 

  • Write postcards to your classmates to invite them to join in the fun.
    • We can provide you with a list of names to trigger your memory. We’ll send you all you need: postcards, stamps, mailing labels, a helpful script, and even an alumni pen. All you have to do is write your notes and drop them in the mail. 
  • Email your alumni network a personal invite.
    • You provide us a list of names and we’ll provide the email addresses and a sample script to use to get you started sending personalized notes to your classmates.
  • Call your classmates.
    • Pick up the phone and call your classmates. This is a fun way to reconnect and catch-up before the reunion weekend. 
  • Send messages through your personal social media platforms. 
    • Reach out to your classmates on social media channels and invite them to join you at Alumni Reunion Weekend. 
  • Coordinate or host a pre-reunion event in your region.
    • Plan a simple gathering in your area to get the party started early. Bring old friends together to build momentum leading up to the weekend. 
  • Host an event during the weekend.
    • Plan a gathering at someone's home or a local spot you used to hang out together. 
  • Make a gift to UCSC
    • Make a special gift to UCSC in honor of your 50+ reunion and support your alma mater.  
  • Ask your classmates to make a gift
    • Reach out to your classmates and ask them to join you in making a meaningful gift to UCSC. 
  • Volunteer during Alumni Reunion Weekend
    • Help greet other alumni, help with event setup, and join in on other unique opportunities throughout the weekend.

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