Alumni Affinity Groups

    Latinx Alumni Network

  • The UC Santa Cruz Latinx Alumni Network (LAN) is a service, public interest, educational, and cultural organization that serves to enhance the academic progress and professional development of UC Santa Cruz students, faculty, administrators, and alumni interested in Latinx issues and providing services to Latinx communities.

  • Chinese Alumni Association

  • 加州大学圣克鲁兹分校中国校友会始建于2018年,经过UC Santa Cruz校友会和UC Santa Cruz中国学生学者联谊会的帮助,校友会寻求更好的方式连结、服务并支持所有UC Santa Cruz的中国校友。

    The Chinese Alumni Association (CAA) seeks better ways to reach, serve, and engage all Chinese Alumni at UC Santa Cruz, help improve the network among Chinese alumni, and develop the relationship between the UC Santa Cruz community and the Chinese alumni community.

  • Black Alumni Movement

  • Facebook group

  • Black Escargot

  • Black Escargot is an organization geared towards supporting current students by creating networking opportunities for current students and alumni, and strengthening ties with UC Santa Cruz.