Black Escargot

Black Escargot was founded in the year 2000. Past members of the advisory board include Adilah Barnes, Carmen Hawkins, Benard Jester, Ebonie Lewis, Duane Rutledge, Paul Simpson, Colin Diaz, and Niketa Calame.

Black ecargot has four main goals
  • support current African, Black, and Caribbean-identified students
  • create networking opportunities for current students and alumni
  • build a coalition and strengthen ties with UC Santa Cruz
  • creating a powerful presence for Black Escargot

There is no fee to join Black Escargot. Please contact Rhonda Kinard at if you are interested in joining or would like to volunteer your time or services to Black Escargot.

Would you like to support Black Escargot's goals of supporting African, Black, and Caribbean-identified students and alumni? Use the button below to show your support by donating to the African American Resource and Cultural Center. 

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