Travel Program

One of our Inspired Expeditions - Galapagos 2019

About the UCSC Travel Program

Making the world our classroom, Inspired Expeditions explores the far-reaching corners of our globe and showcases our extraordinary faculty, celebrating the expertise and research they conduct on and off campus. Strengthen your connection to the university and broaden your understanding of our world; join us as we explore, learn, discover, and connect while traveling with like-minded friends and fellow Banana Slugs.
We offer you exceptional destinations, accomplished faculty experts, and compatible traveling companions. If you want to expand your horizons, further your knowledge, and create meaningful relationships with communities near and far, then join us for an adventure of a lifetime!

Why travel with us
We partner with tour operators that specialize in educational travel. Our travel partners are experts in designing unique educational itineraries. They have met a criteria established for financial responsibility, established reputation, professional staff, quality of operation, and all-around dependability by Inspired Expeditions and UC Santa Cruz.