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Slug to Slug is an organization that aims to promote lifelong Banana Slug pride by connecting students to campus traditions and our network of alumni. We educate students on the impact of philanthropy and the value of UC Santa Cruz alumni. If you would like to become a volunteer with Slug to Slug please complete the volunteer form today.


Winter Quarter 2018 Events

Giving Day 2018

Giving Day

Giving Day is a fun 24-hour online fundraising drive to support UC Santa Cruz students, faculty, and campus programs. Project teams raise money for their favorite programs by connecting with supporters and inspiring them to become donors.


Student & Alumni Service Day

As an organization we would like to host an event at the UCSC CASFS farm where students and alumni can volunteer and learn more about food security, locally grown produce, and affordability. This event is in coordination with the UC Santa Cruz Alumni office and the local alumni community. Hosting an on campus community service day will bring alumni to campus and provide an opportunity for all UC Santa Cruz students to participate in the event and learn about the sustainable farming and agriculture practices.

People Discussing

Looker Industry Tour

Come and get an inside look at one of Santa Cruz's biggest businesses, Looker. Looker is a comprehensive data platform that services companies all over the world such as Spotify, Amazon, and many more!

Spring Quarter 2018 Events


Funny Hat

Alumni Weekend 2018

Get ready for a weekend of fun! More info to come later.


Past Events

Sammy Warriors Game

Student and Alumni night at Santa Cruz Warriors

It was an action packed night of Basketball with over 100 Banana Slugs as the Warriors played against the Salt Lake City Stars. The first 1,500 attendees received replica championship rings and Sammy the Slug made an appearance!


Do you need student volunteers at your event?

Slug to Slug is always looking for volunteer opportunities to support campus events. If you are looking for students to assist at your UC Santa Cruz sponsored event, please fill out the volunteer form and we will respond within one week of your request.

Any questions? Contact Slug to Slug!