Slug to Slug

What is Slug to Slug?

Slug to Slug is UC Santa Cruz's premier student philanthropy organization. We work to support the campus community by organizing opportunities for students to give back. Whether you donate to your favorite part of UC Santa Cruz, attend a Slug to Slug event, volunteer on campus, or apply for a Slug to Slug internship, you can help make our campus a better place. 

At UC Santa Cruz, philanthropy means so much more than writing a check. Philanthropy means giving back to a cause you believe in, and on campus that could mean giving your time through volunteering or being a resource for those around you. As students give back to their campus, we build a stronger Banana Slug community!

What kind of events can I attend?

A Thank-A-Thon is a special event where you can show your gratitude for philanthropy at UC Santa Cruz. You can write thank you notes to generous donors whose gifts provide support for instruction, research, campus improvements, scholarships, and more.

Slug Fest
Slug Fest is our annual dance-a-thon where student organizations come together to celebrate each other, dance, and compete to earn money for their organization

Alumni Events
With over 120,000 UC Santa Cruz alumni, the network is a diverse community of distinguished individuals. We bring alumni to students by offering students opportunities to volunteer alumni events, featuring alumni speakers, and providing opportunities to network with the alumni community.

Dollar Drive
Our dollar drives encourage students to give back to a cause they care about. Dollar drives educate students on the impact of giving; even a single dollar at a time can add up quickly and have a large impact on students.

School Pride
How much do you love the mighty Banana Slug? Our pride events focus on building unity between students and the university. UC Santa Cruz is home to students until graduation, but your ties to campus are never-ending. Fiat Slug!

How can I get involved?

    • Follow us on Facebook or read the monthly newsletter to find out about what is happening with Slug to Slug
    • Become a Slug to Slug VOLUNTEER
    • Attend our Quarterly Gatherings
    • Help student leaders and plan events! From Pop-ups, to Thank-a-Thons, Slugfest and more, help out at Slug to Slug events!
    • Share the word about Slug to Slug events and opportunities with your personal network
    • Do you have an idea to promote philanthropy and Slug pride? Let’s make it happen! Connect with the Slug to Slug Coordinator to start up a new project.

To learn more about any of the communications, opportunities and/or events above, email the Slug to Slug Coordinators. For the most up to date information on upcoming Slug to Slug events and gatherings, check out our Facebook Page.

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Campus Organizers:

Do you need volunteers at your event?

Slug to Slug is always looking for volunteer opportunities. If you are looking for students to assist at your UCSC sponsored event, please fill out the volunteer form and we will be in touch with you.