Student Programs

What is Student Philanthropy?

Our student philanthropy program is built on the idea of students helping students. By helping each other, we build a stronger Banana Slug network. The student philanthropy program houses two students organizations, Slug to Slug and the Senior Class Council. Slug to Slug works to educate and engage students in a culture of philanthropy, promotes lifelong Banana Slug pride, and provides opportunities for students to connect with alumni. The Senior Class Council works to build senior class pride, prepare students for graduation. 

Connect with Alumni

Throughout the year, both Slug to Slug and the Senior Class Council host networking and mentoring events with alumni on campus. Another way to connect with alumni is through the Career Advice Network, a platform where students can search hundreds of alumni volunteers and request career chats, resume critiques, and mock interviews from alumni working in different industries.

Get Involved

To get involved with either of these programs, please reach out to for Slug to Slug or for the Senior Class Council. If you have questions, please connect with Kara Snider at