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What is the Career Advice Network? 

The Career Advice Network, or CAN, is a collection of alumni who want to help you further your career beyond your time here at UC Santa Cruz. Create a profile and get matched with alumni that share your interests. Sign up for different consultations, watch free webinars, and talk to alumni who want to talk to you!

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Why the Career Advice Network?

Imagine you are at a Career Fair. There are hundreds of students trying to talk to 30 representatives from different companies. With CAN, hundreds of these representatives want to have a conversation with you. Hundreds of companies are represented by UCSC alumni on CAN, and through the platform you have the opportunity to connect with each one of them. 

What consultations are there?

CAN started with just 3 types of consultations: Career Conversations, Resume/CV Critique, and Mock Interviews. In the time since then we've added many more such as Job Searching, applying to Med School, and we're constantly adding more ways you can connect with alumni.

What about Webinars?

Webinars are online seminars recorded by UCSC alumni. These seminars cover various topics from starting your own business to perfecting your Linkedin profile. They offer indepth insight and insider persepectives on various industries that you may be interested in.

Alumni Highlights:

Kevin Nolting has been working with Pixar as a film editor since 2000.

Erika Katayama has given over 50 consultations since she joined just over a year ago.

Toshi was very helpful and kind! She gave great advice, and even linked me to another connection for an aspect of law that I'm interested in! Thank you Toshi!
- Brandee Calagui 

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