Student Service Award Recipients

    Amber Gebert-Goldsmith

  • Porter College, 2021

    Theater Arts and Literature

    Amber Gebert-Goldsmith is a Porter affiliate and theater arts and literature major from Seattle, Washington. She is involved with the Porter College community as a member of Senate and Tech Crew, as well as the Theater Arts Department and BarnStorm Theater as a stage manger and designer. Her favorite experience at UCSC has been exploring the natural beauty of the campus. She hopes to leave UC Santa Cruz having supported the core principals of identity and community through collaboration.

  • Willow Miller-Cornu

  • Stevenson College, 2021

    Psychology, Theater minor

    Willow is a second year affiliate of Stevenson College from beautiful Marin County, majoring in psychology and minoring theater. "I have always had a love for theater, and psychology feels like the perfect compliment to understanding people and why we do what we do."

    Willow is enjoying her time at UC Santa Cruz thanks to the theater department. Members of the theater community have always made her feel welcome when she was auditioning for shows, even when she was new to theater at UC Santa Cruz. The people she has met while auditioning and her cast-mates, have become lifelong friends.

    Willow is also passionate about her work on campus as lead of the Stevenson Mail room. She has made many changes starting this year to improve it’s function; implementing label makers and a new scheduling system to improve productivity. As this job has a high turnover rate of graduating and incoming employees, her goal is to make a standard for hiring and training new employees that is quick and comprehensive. She wants employees to feel a sense responsibility and pride to be working in the mail room, and be comfortable handling any kind of situation.
    "I am so appreciative of my work being recognized through the Stevenson Service award and I hope to do more to improve our campus in the future."

  • Kyle Van Eenennaam

  • Kyle Van Eenennaam

    Crown College, 2020

    Technology Information Management

    Kyle Van Eenennaam is a third year technology information management major and STEM education minor affiliated with Crown College. He was born and raised in Davis, California and is pursuing a career in the startup tech industry.

    Starting his freshman year, Kyle became involved in Crown’s student government body, Crown Student Senate, and also started working for the Crown Programs Office as a Program Assistant. Through these two positions he assisted in the coordination of student life events and represented Crown on several governing bodies such as the Student Committee on Committees and the Student Organization Funding Advisory Committee. During his sophomore year Kyle was hired as a campus tour guide and can now be seen around campus in his yellow shirt leading prospective students' tours. This year Kyle is serving Crown as a Residential Assistant in the Crown Apartments.

    One of Kyle’s favorite experiences at UC Santa Cruz has been his involvement with the Cal Teach Science and Mathematics Initiative. Through Cal Teach he was placed in a high school math classroom as a teaching assistant and learned about what it takes to be a teacher today. Although he plans on entering the tech field, Kyle hopes he can find a career that allows him to continue working with children. As a tour guide Kyle is often asked why he chose to attend UCSC, but he prefers to talk about why he chooses to stay at UCSC. “There are plenty of valid reasons for why I chose UC Santa Cruz, but that was a long time ago and a lot has changed since then. I am still here at UC Santa Cruz because this university has put me on a path to a career I am excited for, has offered me countless new opportunities, has connected me to amazing people, and remains as breathtaking as ever.”

  • Stephanie Hernandez

  • Oakes College, 2020


  • Stephanie Lin

  • Stephanie Lin

    John R. Lewis College, 2020

    Electrical Engineering

    Stephanie is a fourth year affiliate of John R. Lewis College from Fremont, CA, majoring in electrical engineering. She aspires to work in the biomedical field to design and innovate medical devices that can assist people in her community and around the world. She's always wanted to specialize in prosthetics because she wants to support injured veterans. Stephanie finds purpose in helping others. By utilizing her knowledge to develop new technology, she hopes to improve the quality of people’s lives.

    Her favorite UC Santa Cruz experience was when she hiked to the Garden of Eden with students from different organizations on campus. "Being surrounded by nature is always refreshing and peaceful, but it was also fun to share and listen to other students’ past experiences and goals."
    Stephanie has been working as a technology assistant at the Disability Resource Center since spring of 2018. She works one-on-one with students on how to use various assistive technology software and on small projects that help the resource center better accommodate students. She is also part of UC Santa Cruz’s IEEE student chapter. As an officer, she helps plan events and workshops for students who are interested in engineering, such as Hack-a-Bot, UCSC's annual robotics competition.

    "I hope that my service to the community here will help enhance students’ experiences at UC Santa Cruz. I also do hope that future generations will follow in my footsteps by continuing to pay it forward. UC Santa Cruz has done a lot for me, so I hope everyone else gets an opportunity to get the most out of this learning experience as well."

  • Jed Sam Pizarro-Guevara

  • Stevenson College, 2020

    Ph.D Linguistics

    Jed is from Cerritos, CA, and is a fifth year Ph.D student in linguistics. After graduaction, Jed desires to pursue a career in academia, to add to the ranks of people of color in higher education. Serving as the grad student intern at the Asian-American Pacific Islander Resource Center was a highlight of Jed's time at UC Santa Cruz. He found this work challenging and also very rewarding. Jed is currently a TA for a linguistics class and a part of the Graduate Student Commons Governance Board.

  • Sara Radoff

  • Stevenson College, 2020

    Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

  • Chelsea Trujillo

  • Oakes College, 2020

  • Essence Spencer

  • Essence Spencer

    Stevenson College, 2020

    Linguistics, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

    Essence is from Vallejo, California, and originally came from Baltimore, Maryland. After graduation she plans on becoming an entrepreneur and a public speaker. It is her intention to build two middle schools that center around ethics. Her favorite UC Santa Cruz experience was being at the Ethnic Resource Center. As a member of the African American Resource and Cultural Center, she helps create events centered around African Black Carribbean (ABC) students to improve their experience academically, culturally, and socially, and promote retention. Essence hopes her energy and presence will always remain in the spaces she vistited, and that she has made a positive impact on future students who are first generation ABC identified.


  • Christine Rosales

  • Christine Rosales

    Ph.D Program, 2020

    Social Psychology, Feminist Studies and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

    Christine is a sixth-year graduate student in the Social Psychology Ph.D program and is earning designated emphases in feminist studies and critical race and ethnic studies. Originally from Orange County, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology at Chapman University with a minor in peace studies. Through the UCSC Women’s Center, Christine coordinates a program for womxn of color and first-generation college students called MINT, which stands for matriculating, influencing, networking, triumphing. The purpose of the program is to provide mentoring, workshops, and a supportive community for womxn pursuing graduate school. Her favorite UC Santa Cruz experience is meeting amazing students, staff, activists, and professors as well as being able to collaborate with them on important projects. Christine hopes her legacy will be the importance of speaking truth to power while also preserving one’s well-being. In the future she plans to build a freedom school with her partner that will train activists and provide social justice education.

  • Sarah Adler

  • Cowell College, 2019

    Global Economics

  • Tristan Burnside

  • Tristan Burnside

    Rachel Carson College, 2019

    Art: Games and Playable Media

    Tristan is a fourth year Rachel Carson College affiliate from Temecula, California who is majoring in art: games and playable media. After graduating, Tristan plans to move to San Jose to pursue jobs in the game industry as a User Interface/ User Experience designer. Tristan's favorite UC Santa Cruz experience was from his first year. "My friends and I had all [gone] on a long hike together in the misty forest, and once we all got back, we cleaned up and spent the rest of the night studying comfily in our pajamas with tea. That hike was filled with joy and support and has fostered my love and appreciation for my friends and this campus."

    Tristan has dedicated himself to his job as a Residential Assistant for Rachel Carson College for three years, and he encourages students to participate in safe activities that can help foster a sense of community on campus. He has been involved in initiatives to help improve student life, as well as initiatives to improve the operation of his major. He hopes to leave a lasting impression on the residents that he has had the fortune to watch grow and mature, and also to leave his mark on the game design major by helping prepare a future generation of game designers for the skills needed to participate in the games industry.

  • Ian Gergorio

  • Kresge College, 2019


  • Amber Mateer

  • Amber Mateer

    Merrill College, 2019

    Sociology & Art

    Amber is a proud Merrill affiliate double majoring in sociology and art. She is from La Crescenta, CA. Her career plan is to pursue higher education, either in college programing or athletics and recreation programming. A favorite UC Santa Cruz experience was baking Bob’s Burgers-inspired cupcakes for the Relay for Life event (for team Merrill Mountaineers), followed by walking for two hours in the event, and then heading over to the painting studio for a late night session that lasted until 3 AM. Many of her days as an undergrad are balanced between taking a full load of classes and working three jobs.

    Her active presence in Merrill Student government over the last three years has lead to connections to MAC (Merrill Activities Council) and working for the Merrill Programs Office. Alongside her Merrill community, she is very active amongst the OPERS community. During her freshman year, she served as a Sports Official, followed by becoming a Intramural Sports Official and now a Competitive Sports Official (i.e. supervising both Sports Clubs and Intramural Sports).

    As she leaves the UC Santa Cruz community she hopes to leave behind a more inclusive and welcoming community. Amber had the privilege of painting a mural up in Merrill’s moat which was titled, You Are Loved. "Adorned with a floral background, that mural is a staple in encompassing my undergraduate passion of creating spaces for previous and continued marginalized communities. My approach to any of my jobs is structured with a backbone of inclusion, accessibility, and continued education."

  • Bernarda Martinez Martinez

  • Bernarda Martinez Martinez

    Merrill College, 2019

    Cognitive Science, Sociology minor

    Bernarda is a fourth year Merrill College affiliate majoring in cognitive science and minoring in sociology. Bernarda and her family immigrated from Mexico in 2003 to live in Santa Maria, California. Her passion lies in working with marginalized communities. It is her desire to continue to work with this population in the future; specifically with undocumented people of color.

    She is currently the CUIP intern for Undocumented Student Services (USS) located in the ARCenter. She decided she wanted to intern with USS after attending the 540% Extended Orientation as an incoming freshman in the summer of 2015. Her favorite UC Santa Cruz experience so far has been attending the Extended Orientation, because it was her first time being around other students who were undocumented. It was such a welcoming space and for the first time she understood what it meant to be in community with other undocumented people.

    Now as an intern, she focuses on creating a welcoming space for all people and creating workshops/events that address intersectinalities within migrant/immigrant communities. One of the projects she is working on as an intern for USS, is building a relationship between undocumented students at UC Santa Cruz and undocumented community members in Santa Cruz. After graduating, she hopes the relationships she is building now can continue. She is also a part of Pathways to Research Pathway 2, which is a community-engaged research project meant to bring together and enhance efforts to resist anti-immigrant policies across the county of Santa Cruz.


  • Nyereath Nhial

  • Cowell College, 2019


  • Jemzi Prisca Ortiz

  • Merrill College, 2019

    Human Biology

    Jemzi is a Northern Cheyenne tribal member, third-generation chicana, ?heteronormative, cisgendered, able bodied woman? and the eldest of four. She was born in Billings, Montana and has lived in Oregon, Texas and California. She fell in love with California 11 years ago when her family moved to Sacramento. Since she was in the first grade, she aspired to go to college and be a pediatrician (something unheard of and not common in her family). She praises her young mother's foresight to move her family away from Montana where there aren’t many opportunities for a mixed-ethnicity girl.

    Her first university choice was UC Santa Cruz, and she is on track to graduate in 2019 with a B.S. degree in human biology .  Through her time at UC Santa Cruz she has become involved with many campus entities such as the Ethnic Resource Centers, Information Technology Services - Learning Support Services, C.A.R.E, The Cove and Slugs for Health and Growth, Orientation, and students organizations like Grupo Folklorico Los Mejicas. She is also a proud affiliate of Merrill College. Jemzi's favorite UC Santa Cruz experiences have been with Grupo Folklorico Los Mejicas. It is where her heart is and has kept her grounded. The American Indian Resource Center is the place where she found a community and was able to connect with Natives that she truly looks up to. She has found her family within Mejicas and the American Indian Resource Center, and has grown to become more than just a dancer and performer, but also a professional, a teacher, and a leader. Her legacy at this campus will live on through these spaces and in the interns and dancers she helped to grow as she grew.

  • Chloe Reynolds

  • Chloe Reynolds

    John R. Lewis College, 2019


  • Jennifer Santos

  • College Nine, 2019


    Jennifer is a senior College Nine affiliate from sunny San Diego who is majoring in sociology with a minor in education. She enjoys hiking, surfing and being outdoors. Her plans after graduation are to continue to work with higher education and community organizing in marginalized communities. Shes plans to take a gap year to gain some work experience, and then attend graduate school to pursue a masters degree in social work or in student affairs. Her long-term goal is to become a professor at a university.

    Her favorite UC Santa Cruz experience is her involvement with student organizations on campus such as SoMeCA organizations, and being a dedicated RA in College Nine. She is grateful to have the chance to meet people from different paths of life. She is involved with Bayanihan, Engaging Education, and the Student Union Governance Board.

    "Once I graduate, I hope to leave a legacy behind for student leaders on campus to create social change for a better future by recognizing their own intersectionalities in this institution. As a student leader especially a student of color on campus, I have learned the importance to utilize resources and appreciate what UC Santa Cruz has to offer such as the beautiful nature and all the amazing communities that is created here on campus."

  • Galy Torres

  • Oakes College, 2019


    Galy is a fourth year psychology major from East Oakland, CA, with a strong interest in gender and trauma. Upon graduation Galy will pursue a masters degree in social work at a school in the Bay Area. She intends to become a social worker to help foster children and those who are being abused in their home. 

    For the last three years she has been involved with the El Centro: Chicanx Latinx Resource Center, and she is currently their student program coordinator. She is also a part of Hermanas Unidas, an organization that has helped her find a community here at UC Santa Cruz. One of her favorite experiences has been serving as an academic mentor for Oakes College. It has shown her discipline and she is amazed to see her mentees go from being on academic probation to learning how to navigate this research university.

    "I hope my legacy here shows how much I cared about the academic success of people of color, like myself, by conducting research and providing a sense of belonging, resources, and a safe space. Everyone deserves a chance to pursue higher education, regardless of where they are from or academic preparedness."

  • Timothy Tsung

  • Stevenson College, 2019