Student Service Awards

The Student Service Awards are $500 awards that recognize student leaders across different areas of campus who contribute to building a unique community at UC Santa Cruz. The first student service awards were the College Service Awards (CSA) and the Graduate Service Award (GSA) that started in the 1980s. In 2016, the Leadership Service Awards (LSA) were added to this scholarship family.

The Service Awards are particularly unique because we do not take applications for these awards. Instead, leadership staff in areas across campus, from the colleges to resources centers, are asked to nominate students that have had an impact in building their community, and are excellent representatives for UC Santa Cruz. The alumni office currently distributes ten College Service Awards, one Graduate Service Award, and seven Leadership Student Awards. Nominations for recipients are requested from leadership at the ten colleges, the Graduate Division, Orientation, Services for Transfer and Re-entry Students, El Centro, Asian American / Pacific Islander Resource Center, African American Resource and Cultural Center, American Indian Resource Center, the Cantu Center, the Women’s Center, the Education Opportunity Program, and the Disability Resource Center. The nomination process happens over the summer, and recipients are notified in Fall Quarter. If you have any questions regarding the service awards, please email Shayna Kent.