Virtual Career Events

Here you will find past and future virtual career events from UC Santa Cruz and the UC Alumni Career Network, a high-impact, online series designed to provide UC alumni and community members with the insights, information, and connections to launch, grow and expand your career opportunities. 

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    Upcoming Virtual Career Events

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    UC Alumni Career Network Webinar | Bringing your "self" to work

    After two years of navigating the pandemic, more professionals are reflecting on their personal values and priorities. How can we live our personal values in our professional roles and bring genuine authenticity to our work? How do your values and identity inform your leadership style? How can team members contribute to cultivating an inclusive and supportive culture? This webinar will explore the intersection of personal and professional values, and how to bring your authentic self to your identity at work.


    When to Look for a New Job!

    First Paycheck, What To Do?

    To Grad School, or Not?


    Being Your Authentic Self at Work

    Interviewing 101 


    Where do I begin?


    Good Enough: A Guide to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

    Am I an Entrepreneur?

    From Working For Steve Jobs to Starting a Wellness Company

     Launching Your Job Search in 2021


    Recovering From a Layoff


     Video Game Career Insights: For Programmers and Creatives 

    Grad School Workshop

    How to Prepare for a Remote Job Interview

    Leveraging Your Experience in Today's Job Market

    10 Job Search Tips During Coronavirus 

     LinkedIn Like a Pro