April Prof & A Pint

What is epigenetic memory and can it be passed from parents to offspring?  The Strome lab at UC Santa Cruz is tackling those burning questions in a tiny model organism.  Their studies have focused on germ cells, eggs and sperm, which carry information across generations.  They’ve discovered that germ cells pass an epigenetic memory of gene expression patterns from parents to offspring and that that memory is essential for the offspring’s germ cells to develop properly.  Without that memory, the offspring are sterile... end of the line for that population!

Germ Cells and Epigenetic Memory Across Generations
Professor Susan Strome
Monday, April 8, 2019
6:30—8:00 p.m.

Susan Strome received her PhD in biochemistry from the  University of Washington in Seattle. She was trained in Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Development & Genetics.  She initially started a research lab at Indiana University and moved her lab to UC Santa Cruz in 2007.  Susan is married and has two kids – everyone in the family is in science!