How Health Insurance Impacts Lives: Findings and Policies

Few issues generate political conflict like policy debates on health insurance. Laden with morality and emotion by both the left and the right, the rhetoric rarely grounds itself in objective evidence on how people’s lives benefit from having health insurance. Does it substantially increase people's access to health care? Does it improve people’s health or increase people's lifespans? How much does having health insurance protect people financially? Professor Carlos Dobkin will review recent progress that economists and public health researchers have made in answering these three questions and its implications for the health policy debate.

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How Health Insurance Impacts Lives: Findings and Policies
Professor Carlos Dobkin
Monday, February 11, 2019
Forager Tasting Room and Eatery
In Downtown San Jose

Carlos Dobkin is Professor of Economics at UC Santa Cruz and Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economics Research in Cambridge Massachusetts. He has authored 22 articles in peer-reviewed journals on topics ranging from the health effects of military service to the economic impacts of health insurance and hospital admissions. Carlos attended UC Santa Cruz for his BA and UC Berkeley for his PhD.