Message from Council President

A New Direction for our UC Santa Cruz Alumni

As we proudly celebrate the first 50 years of UC Santa Cruz and courageously plan for the next 50, we are excited to announce some changes!

The Alumni Council has voted unanimously to adopt a free all-inclusive membership model for the Alumni Association. This is our gift to all alumni in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of UC Santa Cruz. Membership dues will no longer be required. It's time to be more inclusive of all of our graduates, rather than maintaining an exclusive donation-based membership. Our new goal is to engage all of our alumni.

Our network is over 100,000-strong, and you are an integral part. We are here to support you as you network with other alumni and engage with the UC Santa Cruz community.

You, our alumni, have told us that you want to connect with students, particularly by helping them with the difficult transition from graduation to career. This is the way in which many of our alumni want to give back. As a result, we in partnership with the UC Santa Cruz Career Center will launch the new online Career Advice Network (CAN). This network will link alumni with students by profession or academic background, and allow for career mentoring and connections.

In addition, we hope to build a more robust connection between students and alumni on campus. The Alumni Council wants all of our students to know, from the moment they are admitted, that they are joining an inclusive, diverse, informative, and supportive campus community — not just for their college years, but for the rest of their lives. We are looking for your support in imagining that the current UCSC community has just become much larger — it now includes all 100,000 of our alumni.

Your Alumni Association is forging a new path toward a more inclusive community. There will no longer be membership dues, and all alumni will now have access to the services and opportunities provided by the Alumni Association.

Please stay connected and join your Alumni Association as we embark on this exciting new chapter!

For more information about the change to dues, please visit our FAQ.

Fiat Slugs!

Donna Mekis
President, UC Santa Cruz Alumni Council