UC Santa Cruz Alumni Association

Inclusive Membership FAQ

Why are there no longer membership dues to join the Alumni Association?

  • With more than 100,000 alumni but fewer than 10,000 paying association members, it became obvious that we needed a more inclusive organization to better engage and support the UC Santa Cruz alumni community.
  • A more inclusive Alumni Association opens doors of opportunity and better meets the needs of UC Santa Cruz alumni, both socially and professionally.
  • Without membership dues, UC Santa Cruz graduating seniors automatically receive the benefit of their alumni community. We expect that this continuity will more fully support the graduation transition.  
  • The UC Santa Cruz culture cultivates a spirit of giving, and it is the Alumni Association’s belief that our alumni will continue to support their community without the requirement of dues.

Does this mean there isn’t an alumni organization at UC Santa Cruz?

  • No, it does not. The Alumni Association is now focused on providing benefits and services to all 100,000 alumni instead of just our 10,000 members. The loyalty of our dedicated life and annual members—without whom we wouldn't have had the foundation to make this change—has helped tremendously with this much-needed evolution, and we thank them.

How do I renew my Alumni Association membership?

  • If you have an alumni ID card, continue to use it until it expires.
  • If you have an expired alumni ID card or you have never received one, request one by emailing alumni@ucsc.edu.
  • The alumni card is now electronic and will be emailed to you, rather than mailed.

It doesn’t seem right that others should join for free when so many of us have been paying annual dues or we paid for a lifetime membership.

  • Without the membership dues of all past and present Alumni Association members, this inclusive model would not be possible, and the Alumni Association will be forever grateful for the financial contributions of its Life and Annual Members. But as UC Santa Cruz celebrates its 50th anniversary, we are embracing a new, inclusive model for the next 50 years. This change will only strengthen and better support UC Santa Cruz today.
  • Each generation reaps the benefits of the struggles, gains, and innovations of the generation before it. UC Santa Cruz has seen this truth played out in its student body—new programs, more opportunities, greater advancements, etc. The same holds true for UC Santa Cruz alumni. It is our hope that our alumni will be interested in supporting and investing in current and future generations of Slugs as they go through the journey of learning and living at UC Santa Cruz—and then welcoming them into the alumni family.

Who decided on this change?

  • The Alumni Council unanimously voted in this change in October 2014 to better serve the alumni of UC Santa Cruz.
  • The Alumni Council spent much time and consideration before making this change, and believe it will enable our association to better serve our entire alumni population.

Who is the Alumni Council?

  • The Alumni Council is the governing body of the Alumni Association. Click here to learn more 
  • The Alumni Council is made up of fellow alumni who have been elected to serve as the leadership of the Alumni Association. Each year all Alumni Association members receive a ballot to elect and renew their Alumni Council.
  • Alumni Council members represent a wide array of class years, colleges, divisions, and demographic backgrounds.
  • Each council serves a three-year term. 

When did this change take place and when was it announced?

  • On July 1, 2015, the Alumni Association officially stopped accepting membership dues. We have been informing our members via email and direct mail.

What will I gain from this change?

  • For those who are already members of the Alumni Association, you will no longer pay dues. You will gain a broader network of people for new connections and opportunities.
  • For alumni who have not yet joined, you are now a member and are encouraged to get involved, and share in the benefits and services that come with being a member. The first step to being more involved is making sure we have your correct contact information so we can invite you to upcoming events. Click here to update your info.
  • For graduating seniors, you gain a continuum of the UC Santa Cruz community from admissions to alumni, for a lifetime of supportive connections and opportunities for involvement. Your Alumni Association can help you transition from college-life to career-life, and introduce you to mentors and others in your profession.
  • This change will enable UC Santa Cruz to better support our alumni in today’s world. 

 As a member of the Alumni Association already, what will I lose with this change?

  • Nothing. 

Are the previous Alumni Association benefits still available to me? If yes, how do I get them?

  • Yes, you are not losing any benefits. We are now referring to them as “services.” These services are available to all UC Santa Cruz alumni, and instructions for using these services are located on the alumni website

How can I support the alumni organization going forward?

  • Get involved. Attend events. Volunteer your time. Become a mentor for a student or recent graduate. Give financially to UC Santa Cruz and your Alumni Association. Tell us what we are doing right and what we can do better. Be an ambassador for UC Santa Cruz. Keep us posted on you and your successes. Stay up to date on what’s happening on campus.