University of California, Santa Cruz Alumni Today

UC Santa Cruz Alumni Directory postcard cover

The alumni directory, The University of California, Santa Cruz Alumni Today, was completed and distributed in 2017.

UC Santa Cruz Alumni hopes this directory will help alumni reconnect with old friends and make new connections.

The alumni directory, produced by Publishing Concepts, Inc. (PCI), is for the official use of UC Santa Cruz and its alumni. Every effort has been made to verify and correctly state alumni information.

Alumni responses were overwhelmingly positive with more then 8,600 updates provided to PCI. In addition, over 1,000 wonderful photos and bios were submitted.

Thank you for the great participation. Below is an FAQ to help answer (A) your questions (Q).


Q: I did not order a directory, but would like to now. How can I purchase a copy?

A: The deadline for orders has passed, however, PCI retains a limited overstock of their products. To inquire about this possibility, please email

Q: I ordered a directory and would like to check on my order. Who do I contact?

A: Call 1-800-982-1590 or email

Q: How can I add to, change, or remove my information from the directory now?

A: The publication is complete; no further changes may be made.

Q: I am not an alumnus, but would like a directory. How can I purchase one?

A: To help protect our alumni information, the directory is made available only to alumni and designated UC Santa Cruz staff.

Q: I was not aware of this publication. Why wasn’t I contacted?

A: UC Santa Cruz, through PCI, made extensive efforts to contact all UC Santa Cruz alumni through emails, postcards, and phone calls. PCI reported contacting 124,517 alumni in their outreach. If you were not contacted, it may mean we do not have your current contact information. Please feel free to update your contact information at Stay Connected or by emailing

Q: When will the next alumni directory be published?

A: There is no set date for the next directory.

Q: I have another question, not noted here. Who should I contact?

A: If it is about purchase or payment for an order, please contact PCI at 1-800-982-1590 or If it is something else, please email and we will be happy to assist you.