Alumni Council Strategic Plan and Committees

Alumni Council mission statement:

To support the educational calling of UC Santa Cruz. To provide a means by which alumni may serve the university, its colleges, its students, and each other. To help guide the university into the future.

Previous strategic plan

High-level goals:

  1. Move the needle on student success, with special emphasis on first-generation and non-traditional students.
  2. Deploy innovative and effective new ways to activate, engage, and recognize volunteers.
  3. Inform alumni on topical issues of importance to the University and provide alumni the opportunity to share their perspectives.
  4. Strengthen our relationship with the administration, the faculty, the students, and the colleges.
Standing committees:
Ad-hoc committees:

Committees: Charters and Members

Standing Committees:

Executive Committee | Chair: President Meredith Vivian Turner

 Draft Charter: Provide executive services and leadership to the Alumni Association and the governing board, the Alumni Council. Manage and supervise the business and affairs of the Association and its officers and staff. Strengthen and build relationships with campus leaders including administration, faculty, and the colleges. Develop a clear pipeline for developing alumni volunteers and recruiting them to serve on the Alumni Council. (Committee charge outlined in Section 8.3 of the Bylaws.)

Members: Michael Riepe (Past President), John Madrid (Executive Vice President), April Yee (Vice President of Finance), Susan Tappero (Vice President of Administration)

Staff Liaison: Shayna Kent, Executive Director 

Finance Committee | Chair: Vice President of Finance April Yee

Draft Charter: Provide oversight of the financial affairs of the Alumni Association to ensure we are in compliance with administrative guidelines. Oversee the audit and present financial results. Work with the Financial Controller to prepare the annual operating budget and present to the Council for approval (prior to the commencement of each fiscal year). Provide quarterly reports to the Council on the actual versus approved expenses for the year. Work with the alumni controller to submit to the Chancellor a detailed budget report comparing budget to actual expenses. Oversee the financial controller’s preparation of the annual report and annual statement. Make recommendations to the Alumni Council on the financial affairs and policies of the Association, including policies related to internal financial controls. Meet and confer with the Treasurer of the UC Santa Cruz Foundation on a semi-annual basis regarding the investments of the Association made through the UC Santa Cruz Foundation, and report to the Alumni Council the performance of those investments. (Committee charge outlined in Section 8.5 of the Bylaws.)

Members: Eanad Lott, Max Ortiz

Staff Liaison: Shayna Kent, Executive Director 

Nominating Committee | Chair: Executive Vice President John Madrid

Draft Charter: Ensure the highest quality and most committed volunteers are sourced and nominated to serve as Alumni Councilors including identifying, recruiting and recommending candidates to fill vacant positions. The Nominating Committee will coordinate the annual nomination process for new members including the application and review process. This committee is also responsible for overseeing the onboarding of new Councilors and retention of Councilors including the coordination of the  board buddy program. (Committee charge outlined in Section 8.4 of the Bylaws.)

Members: Andrew Call, Shelly Meron, Corinne Kappeler

Non-Council Members: Jerry Ruiz

Staff Liaison: Shayna Kent, Executive Director

Alumni Association Scholarship Fund (AASF) Committee | Chair: Corinne Kappeler

Draft Charter: Manage the fundraising efforts to grow the Alumni Association Scholarship Fund including raising scholarship funds and stewarding donors. Oversee the policies and procedures for the disbursement of the Alumni Association Scholarship Fund. Present to the Council the recommended annual payout. Coordinate AASF application scoring and selection of scholarship recipients. Develop effective ways to acknowledge scholarship recipients and engage with alumni recipients. (Committee charge outlined in Section 8.6 of the Bylaws.)

Members: Armando Hernandez, Eanad Lott, Christy Martin, Saurabh Mishra, Leis Rodriguez, Matthew Waxman

Non-Council Members: Lakeya Cherry

Staff Liaison: Barbara Oden-Petree, Assistant Director

Ad-hoc committees:

Student and Alumni Success Committee | Chair: David Hansen

Draft Charter: Move the needle on student and alumni success, with special emphasis on first-generation and non-traditional students. Review applications and recommend grants from the Special Projects Fund. Engage with employers in Silicon Valley and beyond to create internship and job opportunities for students and recent graduates. Help career center source alumni volunteers for career panels.

Members: Veronica Garcia, Roberto Ocampo, Susan Tappero, Brian Turner, Judith Gutierrez

Non-Council Members: Karen Zellers

Staff Liaison: Kara Snider, Associate Director

Alumni Engagement Committee | Chair: Armando Hernandez

Draft Charter: Deploy innovative and effective new ways to activate, engage, and recognize volunteers. Develop effective traditions to recognize and celebrate volunteers. Develop one-stop-shop for matching volunteers and opportunities. Volunteer to host regional events. Envision and execute Alumni Weekend event sponsored by Council. Assist staff in the development of the next Alumni Survey to gather contact info, demographics, desired benefits, communication preferences, volunteer interests, donor interests.

Members: Veronica Garcia, David Hansen, Saurabh Mishra

Staff Liaison: Rhonda Kinard, Assistant Director

Governance Committee | Chair: Brian Turner

Draft Charter: Develop a Policy and Procedures document that supports the Bylaws and provides detail around governance policies to ensure smooth and transparent operations of the Alumni Association.

Members: Shelly Meron, Matthew Waxman, Dom Siababa

Staff Liaison: Shayna Kent, Executive Director

Communications Committee | Chair: Christy Martin

Draft Charter: Develop a communications calendar for the Alumni Association to inform alumni on topical issues of importance to the University, provide alumni the opportunity to share their perspectives and engage with the Alumni Association. In collaboration with University Relations communications staff, revamp alumni website into an active CMS portal for services & opportunities. Develop Council's media strategy: print, web, social media. Create ways to tell our story in engaging ways.

Members: Brian Sniegowski, Shelly Meron, Judith Gutierrez

Staff Liaison: Suz Howells, Director of Strategic Engagement

If you are interested in volunteering to serve on one of the Alumni Council committees, please email Shayna Kent at