Councilor Roles and Expectations

The UC Santa Cruz Alumni Council is a California public benefit corporation organized in 1968 to advance the interests and promote the welfare of UC Santa Cruz alumni. Working in close partnership with the Chancellor, administration, students, faculty, and staff of UC Santa Cruz, Alumni Councilors share the university's vision of academic excellence and its commitment to public service while also providing institutional history. Alumni Councilors serve as advisors, advocates, and stewards of UC Santa Cruz's alumni interests.
In 2015, the UC Santa Cruz Alumni Council voted to move to an all ­inclusive membership model. Membership dues are no longer required. The Council now represents all UC Santa Cruz graduates.

Alumni Councilor Expectations

Attend Council meetings and Annual Retreat
Full participation in the Council's three meetings per year is expected (failure to attend 3 o
of 4 consecutive meetings is grounds for removal). These meetings typically include
learning about the campus, discussions with top leadership, and furthering the Council's
goals. Council meetings are held on Saturdays in October, February, and June. The council
retreat is planned before fall quarter begins in mid­ September.

Participate in UCSC signature events
Councilors are asked to attend the Founders Celebration Dinner, Alumni Weekend, and
other UCSC signature events. Council members participate annually in Alumni Weekend in
April by reaching out to their networks and encouraging participation in Alumni Weekend

Serve on at least one committee
The work of the Council is accomplished through committee work as decided by the council,
to respond to and advance the council’s priorities

Participate in, and host, UCSC Alumni events in your hometown
Work with alumni neighbors and University Regional Program staff to support activities and events in your region(s).

Engage your personal network
Reach out to fellow alumni from your college, graduation year, student organizations, affinity groups, athletic teams, or to those living in your region. Encourage them to participate in UC Santa Cruz Alumni activities, and to support the campus.

Mentor prospective and current students
Volunteer to work with our Admissions Office to encourage prospective students to choose UC Santa Cruz by making phone calls and volunteering at college fairs. In support of current students, Councilors are asked to share career insights with students through our Career Advice Network (CAN).

Giving - Make an annual contribution to UC Santa Cruz
The Council has a goal of 100% giving to UCSC. Members are asked to make a contribution to whatever fund they choose at the level they can afford (all checks should be made payable to “UC Santa Cruz Foundation”).

Governance - Support the mission, vision, values, and goals of the Alumni Council
Provide guidance and counsel on the general operations and program activities of the Alumni Council in accordance with the bylaws and strategic plan. Provide fiduciary oversight to assure optimal management of Alumni Council assets.
Partner with University Relations staff to best serve alumni.

Advocacy - Be an advocate for UC Santa Cruz and the UC System.
Be informed about local, state, and national issues affecting higher education, and be a strong advocate for the University of California in general, and UC Santa Cruz in particular. Lead fellow UCSC alumni in letter writing and email campaigns, and meet with legislators.

Organizational priorities

The Alumni Council has identified these three organizational priorities:

With campus partners create a culture where students and alumni understand this is a lifelong relationship. Fostering a culture of inclusion in a network that supports and encourages them through the pivotal moments of their lives.

Strengthen our alumni network amongst the UC Santa Cruz community for personal and professional advancement.

Identify, recruit and cultivate engaged volunteers.