Alumni Council Volunteer Description

The UC Santa Cruz Alumni Association, formed in 1968, is a non-profit that promotes the interests of UC Santa Cruz alumni. The Alumni Council is the governing board, representing 140,000 alumni. The Council provides guidance and counsel on operations and alumni programs in accordance with the bylaws, policy and procedures, and strategic plan. The Council is responsible for the financial oversight of the Association’s assets, including the $3.2M Alumni Association Scholarship Fund that has awarded over 800 scholarships. Councilors work in partnership with fellow alumni and the chancellor, administration, students, faculty, and staff of UC Santa Cruz. Alumni Councilors share and promote the university's vision of academic excellence, provide institutional history, and the alumni perspective.

Alumni Councilors commit to serving a two-year term commencing on July 1, and ending on June 30. If re-elected, Councilors are able to serve three consecutive terms (six-years of service).

Alumni Councilors are expected to:

Attend Council meetings and the Annual Retreat

  • Participation in four Council meetings per year: three business meetings, plus one annual planning retreat. 
    • Regular meetings typically include topical presentations, discussions with campus leaders, and other opportunities to further the Council's goals. 
    • The Annual Retreat includes opportunities for Councilors to get to know each other and complete strategic planning for the Council’s work during the upcoming year.
  • Council meetings are held on Saturdays, typically in August, October, February, and June.
  • In addition to attending regular meetings, Councilors are expected to attend special meetings called to accomplish specific time-sensitive business.
  • If two consecutive meetings are missed without a valid reason, Councilors will be asked to resign. 

Following governance principles

  • Support the mission, vision, values, and goals of the Alumni Council.
  • Understand and work according to the Council’s bylaws and policy and procedures.

Serve on at least one committee

  • The work of the Council is accomplished through committees, therefore all Councilors serve on at least one committee.
  • Committee obligations and time commitments vary among committees.
  • Attend and contribute at your committee meetings.

Serve as a liaison to at least one organization

  • Councilors will serve as a liaison between a campus sponsored group and the Association
  • Liaisons commit to reach out to their campus group at least  four times during the fiscal year

Advocate for the Alumni Association, UC Santa Cruz, and the UC System

  • Stay informed about local, state, and national issues impacting higher education.
  • Be a strong advocate for UC Santa Cruz and the University of California.
  • Join UCAN, the University of California Advocacy Network, to participate in online campaigns and stay informed.
  • Provide guidance and counsel on the general operations and program activities of the Council, including financial oversight and optimal management of the Association’s assets.

Engage and Participate

  • Reach out to alumni from your college, graduation year, academic division, student organizations, affinity groups, athletic teams, and alumni living in your region to encourage their support of campus and participation in UC Santa Cruz activities.
  • Work with alumni and University staff to support activities and events in your region(s).
  • Attend signature events throughout the year, such as Alumni Weekend and Founders Celebration. 

Make an annual contribution to UC Santa Cruz

  • The Council has a goal of 100% giving to UCSC. Council members are asked to make a contribution to their area of interest at the level they can afford.

Support students

  • Volunteer to work with UCSC’s Admissions Office to encourage prospective students to choose UC Santa Cruz by making phone calls and volunteering at college fairs. 
  • Councilors are asked to share career insights with students through the campus’s Career Advice Network (CAN).
  • Participate in activities that provide opportunities to mentor students.