Alumni Association

While the Alumni Association's roots lie in the redwoods of Santa Cruz, its branches extend across the globe. Over 8,000 proud UCSC alumni are supporting their dues-paying organization and helping it grow.

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Founded in 1968 and open to the network of 80,000-plus alumni, the UCSC Alumni Association is a membership organization whose programs foster a lifelong connection with the university. The purpose of the Alumni Association is twofold:

- To promote, influence, and support the educational, cultural, and social life of UCSC, and

- To provide alumni with the means to serve the campus, its colleges, and its students, and to help guide the campus into the future.

Today, this mission is brought to life through events and programs such as:

  • College funding
  • Multicultural Career Conference
  • Alumni Reunion Weekend
  • Alumni Association Scholarship Awards
  • Outstanding Alumni Award
  • Funding for special projects to support alumni connections
  • Commitment to recognizing notable alumni
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